La Grazeria, the Soupspoon Collective & Steven Maybury

04.08.2023, 18:00 – 20:00

2023 summer residency midnight diner 2023 summer residency midnight diner
Midnight Diner, an event by summer residents The Soupspoon Collective. Photo: The Soupspoon Collective

Each of Rib’s summer residents have chosen to respond to The Last Terminal in their own ways. Grazia Gallo asks the question, “Knowing that the apocalypse is coming, where would you like to spend your last day? And if you could choose, with whom would you like to spend your last days, hours with?" On that note, you are invited Friday, 4 August when La Grazieria and RRR will host a new reading workshop at Rib from 18:00–20:00.

Centered around the idea of making home through objects of memories RRR will share a text written by Rotterdam-based artist Ada M. Patterson titled “Accessories to this Love” included in The Material Kinship Reader (edited by Clementine Edwards and Kris Dittel). The text follows a relationship built with objects that helps the writer to find belonging with material kin. We will share the text and provide prompts for the participants to engage with their own memories of home through reflection. For the workshop, we ask that participants bring an object of home along with them. An image will also suffice if the object is too precious and/or immoveable. During the session, a selection of RRR books will be available to browse and borrow.

Need a haircut? La Grazeria also is hosting a hair salon at Rib. Starting from 7 August, it will be open every Monday, Tuesday and Friday. If you would like to book an appointment, please contact Grazia Gallo directly through her social media channels.

On 14 August, La Grazeria will host a movie night in collaboration with artist Emma van Noort. In their research, both artists look at domestic spaces and the role of the woman in the modern era, while this event in particular brings attention to the act of hanging laundry.

At Rib we are enjoying the connections that have been emerging between all three summer residents—La Grazeria, the Soupspoon Collective, and Steven Maybury. The concluding event of all three summer residencies will be held toward the end of August and announced on Rib’s social media channels.