The Vertical and its Reverse
Diana Al-Halabi

01.08.2022 – 02.09.2021

This month, artist Diana Al-Halabi draws out notions of time in relation to the waiting body through her current research on hunger strikes. This visceral form of political activism sparks a dialogue with Rib’s ongoing and expansive program The Last Terminal: Reflections on the Coming Apocalypse.

Diana has generously opened up her research residency to visitors throughout the month of August on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 11:00 and 15:00. Please feel warmly invited to visit.

Closing event

The Vertical and its Reverse

02.09.2022, 19:00–21:00

We would like to invite you to the closing event of Diana Al-Halabi’s Summer Residency. Diana was in residence at Rib throughout August researching her upcoming project Famine and Hunger Strikes: Decolonizing the Digestive System.

Born in Lebanon in 1990, Diana Al-Halabi is a Rotterdam-based artist. She pursues an interdisciplinary practice, with a focus on moving image, text, performance, and painting. Al-Halabi’s artistic practice is a continuous protest against hierarchical and patriarchal systems of oppression. Her works often seek to shift grounds and scale down the oppressor through visual language. Through an intersectional feminist lens, Al-Halabi’s practice departs from the personal to the political and tackles notions such as the patriarchal gaze, institutional violence, disabling bureaucracy, settler colonialism, and the visa regime.