24-hour Event
Interventions by SOUPSPOON Collective, Grazia Gallo, Steven Maybury & Samboleap Tol

02.09.2023, 14:00 – 03.09.2023, 14:00

2023 Playground Samboleap Tol 2023 Playground Samboleap Tol
Samboleap Tol, An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Playground, 2021, digital drawing. Image: courtesy the artist

From 2 September, 14:00 to 3 September, 14:00, the SOUPSPOON Collective will host a 24-hour marathon program dedicated to ‘killing time’ at Rib. Through an Open Call they have welcomed a variety of gestures including screenings, workshops, conversations, naps, massages, workouts, games, contemplation, and even simple actions such as staring at the wall or clicking a pen for an hour.

As they explained: “During our residency, we have been exploring an alternative approach to modern, normative notions of time by occasionally operating a mock-up midnight diner. As a culmination of our Summer Residency, we are adopting a 24-hour unit to experiment with the stretching and compression of capitalist time norms. Spanning from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, this symbolic (perhaps even authoritative) 24-hour period during the weekend, often associated with rest, frequently becomes intertwined with the pressures and anxieties of impending work. Drawing from the universally recognized expression ‘to kill time’, which, as per the urban dictionary, signifies ‘engaging in activities while waiting for something/someone,’ our Open Call aims to stimulate a range of activities (and passivities) that hold distinct temporal volume.”

Grazia Gallo (La Grazieria) will be giving haircuts in Rib during the evening of 2 September, while Steven Maybury will host his final event in Rib, making public his current research on memory and what it means to remember digitally today under the title: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT.

At 18:00 we will be joined by artist Samboleap Tol who will contribute to this research by presenting a public workshop/lecture titled Experiencing Sonic Synchronization – Exploring Khmer End-of-Life Rituals. Samboleap Tol has crafted a concise workshop/lecture to delve into her fascination with Khmer sonic end-of-life rituals. In addition to this workshop/lecture, the manifestation of an ongoing conversation between artist Junghun Kim and Maybury will also contribute to this dialogue during the workshop where we will engage with memory using our imagination.

We warmly welcome you to drop in at any point during the 24-hour period and help us smoothly transition from late Summer to early Autumn.