Performance during Part 5: Vibrato
Judy Dunaway

30.09.2022, 21:00

Alice Bellati Photo of Judy Dunaway Alice Bellati Photo of Judy Dunaway
Sound artist Judy Dunaway playing a red balloon. Photo: Alice Bellati

Befitting the vibratory mood, sound artist Judy Dunaway, the world’s foremost expert on latex balloons as sound producers, will perform a special set developed for the 60th anniversary of Fluxus, containing hidden references to works by Yoko Ono, Alison Knowles, Charlotte Moorman, Shigeko Kubota, Carolee Schneeman, Kate Millet, Valie Export, and others. The performance will be framed within George Maciunus’ 1963 composition Solo for Balloons and comes in response to the program by Peter Fengler of DE PLAYER.

Join us for the opening of Part 5: Vibrato with drinks and homemade food at the opening on 30 September. Doors open at 19:00 and Judy Dunaway’s performance will begin at 21:00.

Judy Dunaway performing on 30 September 2022 at Rib.

Judy Dunaway is primarily known for her numerous works for latex balloons as sound producers, including sculptural sonic performances, sound installations, interactive pieces and acousmatic works. Dunaway began using balloons as a preparation on her guitar in the late 1980s, but her obsession with them as sound conduits grew out of the AIDS crisis: “Because repression had been a major factor in delaying the dissemination of proper information about prevention, I knew that I must approach my latex instruments without inhibition. This non-judgmental aural relationship and its corporeal visual manifestation remains a cornerstone of my work.”