Fucklore (Live Performance)
Krista Papista

27.05.2023, 20:00

Krista Papista TLT performance Krista Papista TLT performance
Krista Papista. Photo by Isotta Giulia Acquati

Krista Papista will present her new LP Fucklore in vinyls, accompanied by a performance: A shitshow of Greek, Middle Eastern & Balkan folklore and computerised queer punk. She will be joined by Jan Verwoert and Kanella Petropoulou.

Her work deals with the suppressed narratives of murdered migrant women in the Mediterranean. Papista’s latest album Fucklore pays a tribute to the lives of Livia, Elena, Maricar, Mary Rose, Sierra, Aryan and Asmitta, who were brutally murdered by an army officer in Cyprus between 2016 and 2018.

This performance continues a series that previously featured performances by Judy Dunaway and Reinier van Houdt, both programmed by Peter Fengler and Maziar Afrassiabi in 2022. Jan Verwoert, who will be joining Krista, also contributed to Rib’s program with his essay More Than One Death in You.