Writer in residence 2024
Pia Louwerens

Throughout 2024

LS 211028 The Last Terminal DSC1505 lowres LS 211028 The Last Terminal DSC1505 lowres
Mathew Kneebone, Power Relations, 2021. Exhibition view during a blackout at Rib. Photo: Lotte Stekelenburg

Whereas in Volume I & II of The Last Terminal: Reflections on the Coming Apocalypse we invited guest writers to reflect on discreet parts of our program; from Volume III on we invite a single writer to reflect for a year on this exhibition’s evolving process.

Throughout 2024, Pia Louwerens will accompany, mirror, and respond to Rib through a series of texts. Pia Louwerens is a Dutch artist-researcher and writer living in Brussels. In her artistic practice, she investigates how art institutions and the subject—the “I” who writes, speaks, and makes—influence each other.

Pia reads this influence as a network of textual references and dependencies, a script she writes into by way of performances and written text. In 2021, Pia self-published I'm Not Sad, The World Is Sad, an autotheoretical, semi-fictional novel about her work as an “embedded” researcher at an art institution. Alongside her art practice, Pia works as a freelance art critic for De Witte Raaf, Tubelight, and Metropolis M.