Garage School of Fermentation

01.08.2020 – 02.09.2020

Garage School of Fermentation by artist collective Laagencia critically explored the biopolitical dimension of food, particularly fermentation processes, localised within the geo-scape of Rotterdam as a post-modern promise of gentrification. Much like a recipe, Rotterdam also has its own prescription for movement: gentrification and it’s subsequent precarity.

Garage School of Fermentation by artist collective Laagencia (2020) at Rib

Exploring these themes through practical engagement with different fermentation rituals, the conversation around wind, air and form in Taming the Horror Vacui was explored through the process of movement in living biotics, a further exploration of untangling the concept of food amid its interrelation to migration and colonialism. The breaking down and training of microbiomes, and subsequent taming of fermentation, further extends on the dialogue around the taming of natural phenomena.

@xlosagentes continues this project around the corner as Fizz Club at Varia.

Summer Lab 2020 was kindly supported by VSB Fonds.