The Arch And The Knots
Erika Roux & Isabel Marcos

16.07.2018 – 09.09.2018

Over the period from 16 July to 9 September 2018, Rib will accommodate the production and presentation of Erika Roux and Isabel Marcos’s new, individual projects. The space will become the meeting point for these two artists who share common interest in the fictionalization of their immediate real life environments to express their artistic questions.

Isabel Marcos will continue her research on how space exists beyond the natural-cultural dichotomy, the way that humans conceptualize it, by producing a new project that revolves around the fictive story of a nomadic garden, Erika Roux will work on a new video that evokes tension and conflicts between fictional characters. She will conceive this mode of communication as a narrative motor through a non-linear storytelling. While drawing her scenes from everyday life she will transform existing and familiar spaces such as her neighborhood, her own apartment, into a dramaturgic environment in which the characters will be intertwined in complex relationships

Marcos and Roux believe in the potential of how scripted stages can become improvised situations and, during the Summer Lab, they will experiment with their methods of narration and script writing. The space will become a stimulating platform where both artists will open up to the influence of each other and will explore new means of production that go beyond the usual digital tools in which their works are shaped (such as computers and cameras).

The public will be invited to witness the work in progress during limited open studio hours, on a regular basis. Summer Lab will culminate in a two-person exhibition running from 30 August until 9 September.

Open studio, work in progress
20.07.2018 and 10.08.2018



Isabel Marcos (1986, ES) experiments with video, text and performance, with a special interest in how these three media coexist in artistic manifestations. Starting always from site-specific investigation, her work explores the triangular politico-affective relations between the self, the other and the space

Erika Roux (1991, FR) lives and works in Rotterdam. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam) Fine Art BA programme 2014, and subsequently graduated from the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam) MFA programme in 2017. Roux uses video as a tool for investigating the link between audiovisual languages and daily life. She is interested in creating a dialogue between the staging of a scene and the reality of its participants, who are usually people in her near surroundings. Her work delves into the complexities and contradictions of human relations, suggesting a constant doubt and uncertainty within our means of interaction.