Introduction to Rib247

15.06.2017 – 03.04.2018

Rib247, at its conception, referred to Rib’s antechamber, which was used as an independent exhibition space in Rib’s building. The antechamber is a real physical space which could only be experienced virtually online. It constituted an additional line of programming at Rib.

Artists were asked to work with the camera and the antechamber to give body to an otherwise unproductive time when the gallery as a physical space is closed. It was initially designed as a tool to engage in a specific way with local artists of different generations and with different practices.

It featured works by Rotterdam-based artists except the first edition that was launched by The Hague and Brussels based artists gerlach en koop.

Since the contribution by artist Simon Kentgens, we began to experiment with different localities in the city. In 2019, this project traveled to various artist initiatives around Rotterdam (starting with Upominki this fall continuing on to Het Wilde Weten in the winter and then following around the nomadic project Conversas). Rib247’s camera will function as a measuring device, registering the arrival and departure of art workers in their spaces of labor.

Supported by Centrum Beeldende Kunst (CBK) Rotterdam.