Squirting Wound – A peer-writing environment
Nick Carr, Erin Baillie-Rutter, Sabrina Tarasoff, Daniel Vorthuys & Sam Basu

20.01.2017 – 31.12.2017

Squirting Wound is a peer-writing environment.
 It is an invited, year-long online platform for writers and artists-who-write, giving an opportunity to explore together aspects of the field of the written word, literature, text and performance, through a grid of public presentation, residency and peer discussions. Each year writers will be invited to participate and present their writing in a geographically dispersed exchange that will be underpinned by debates in contemporary writing as well as issues derived from participants’ personal practice.

Squirting Wound
is directed towards new voices in literature within the context of the plastic arts as an arena that gives a unique perspective from which to explore the politics of poetry, poises, and linguistic ontology. The writing platform seeks to expand on the relations of thought to the invention of new language games with special attention to their relation to the World and not only as reflection and critique. New understanding requires new language; thought and the language cosmos are inextricably tied together and if one also suspect that language is not totally arbitrary, the relationships between thought and the world are governed by the sorts of language games that develop.

Squirting Wound
supports critical and disruptive textual strategies that propose, develop and eroticise alternative approaches to contemporary life, however alienating. The peer-writing environment takes the position that writing and reading should be understood as altering and making our world.

Participants in 2017 are: Nick Carr, Erin Baillie-Rutter, Sabrina Tarasoff, Daniel Vorthuys and Sam Basu.

Squirting Wound
The Squirting Wound environment is produced in partnership with Treignac Projet, France. Participants in 2017 are: Nick Carr, Erin Baillie-Rutter, Sabrina Tarasoff, Daniel Vorthuys and Sam Basu.

Supported by
Gemeente Rotterdam and MYA Culture Funds

Nick Carr (Washington D.C., 1984) is an artist and musician who produces diagrammatic and interactive texts. He is based in Virginia Wood VA, where he runs a remote residency program. Transiting between scientific report and cult jargon, his work opens the narrative activity of science to the anxiety of its ends.

Erin Baillie-Rutter
(Quebec, 1991) is an artist and poet living and working in Montreal, Quebec. Her writing inhabits the dark crust of a saccharin abyss where she passes a dim light over the unpronounceable monstrosities of the everyday. Neither cynical nor ironic her work plummets into the connective tissue joining cuteness, mourning and spontaneous thoughts of murder.

Sabrina Tarasoff
(Jyväskylä, 1991) is a freelance writer and critic based in Los Angeles. Trained in fine arts in Paris, she works as a curator and is co-founder of Bel Ami gallery, LA.

Daniel Vorthuys
(Amsterdam, 1991) is a poet based in Amsterdam. His work explores the heritage of the western classical tradition through its stories of metamorphosis, transforming this tradition into a mythology of alien and unstable subject-hood. His writing is geared towards performance and video introducing elements of music and costume.

Sam Basu
(London, 1967) is an artist and short form writer. He organizes an artist-run institute based in Treignac, France; science fiction and mental illness influence his work. Basu will curate and accompany future participants of the Rib residency after this inaugural stint as participant.