Radio JUJU – Introduction
BRUD (Aditya Mandayam) & guests


JUJU is a Modular Human Synthesiser. JUJU consists of modules called “Homo Modularis” that are touch-sensitive, can be gesture-patched, act as vocoders, and have a wide array of inputs and outputs. The music of the “Homo Modularis” is known as “Modular Folk”. Central to JUJU’s ethos are Modular Synthesis as curatorial practice; the “Politics of Periphony”; and “Relabi” as the Model Organism of contemporary art. JUJU is manifested within Rib as emanations or secretions called Radio JUJU, JUJU TV, and a series of pioneering cassette experiments, the Ping-Pong Tapes.

Throughout the year, Radio JUJU will host a number of events combining live performances at Rib and in between, live streams into Rib with material contributed by guest artists. BRUD will be the common thread at each event and collaborate with guests artists live.

Aditya Mandayam was a writer, musician, and filmmaker and Benevolent Dictator of BRUD. A former resident of the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, Mandayam performed at museums, galleries, festivals, and underground venues worldwide, including CAC, Vilnius, MHKA, Antwerp, kim?, Riga, Art in General, New York, Schloss Solitude, National Museum of Bolivia, National Gallery, Zimbabwe, Baltic Triennial, Kunstverein Munich, FUTURA, Prague, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Whitechapel Gallery, London, and Empty Brain Resort, amongst others.