Taming the Horror Vacui | Haseeb Ahmed & guests

2020 – 2021

Rib presents Taming the Horror Vacui—a 1,5-year-long program unfolding the practice of artist Haseeb Ahmed (US/BE) in public, who has worked for over ten years with and around the phenomenon of wind exploring many of its guises. The trajectory consists of an evolving installation in Rib, a publication, and a series of workshops, lectures, and excursions.

The program entangles Ahmed’s practice with Rib and its global and local environment in Rotterdam-Zuid through the phenomenon of the wind. Wind is treated as a material and conceptual force, as model, instrument, and framework of architectural, meteorological, technological, mythological, art-historical, socio-political, economic, and recreational imagination. This program convenes practitioners from a variety of disciplines to elaborate on each of these aspects.

With: Haseeb Ahmed, Michèle Matyn, Patrick Healy, Ralf Wetzel, Anja Isabel Schneider, Olivier Chazot, Leen Scholiers, Peutz Group, Barbara Baert, Piero Bisello, Modelvliegclub Europoort (MVE), Pieter Heremans, among others.

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Michèle Matyn lives and works in Antwerp. She has developed a multifaceted practice that incorporates photography, sculpture, installation and performance. Her work looks at the ways myths and folklore are created in societies, often through our perception of and interaction with nature. Matyn’s works often begin with a journey, often to locations unfamiliar to the artist and with little sign of human interference, encountering places and situations that might inspire belief in the supernatural and the unknown. Her works typically feel ‘homespun’ evoking esoteric culture and the anthropomorphic gaze onto the outer world. The crux of Matyn’s work lies in seeking the intersection where human projection onto the non-human meets the natural world with its own existence outside of human consciousness. Matyn’s exhibition Breathing holes is being developed in response to recent travels the artist has undertaken in regions of France, North Ossetia and China. She has been producing a body of new photographs and sculptures that depict natural forms she encountered which are reminiscent of human or animal respiration systems, considering objects and spaces as living entities. Including a selection of recent works, Matyn’s exhibition will be formulated as an environment, bringing together different forms, characters and encounters. The artist will also use the space as a setting for performances—a central facet of her practice—which offer further reflection on the relations between humans and the natural world.