Site & Situation

Long-Term Program

A concept borrowed from geography a site is the physical location of a part of a city. A place one can find on a map. A situation is the qualities and characteristics that surround the site. A situation is the dynamics of how a site is being used or is part of the larger city.

Site & Situation enables us to explore the aesthetic, material and social potentialities and languages of Rib’s outdoor space. The sites that we focus on, that also surround our main program but are not necessarily part of it, are our roof terrace that looks directly into the playground behind Rib, the playground itself and in 2019, Rib also received a so-called ‘self-management contract’ for a neglected, overgrown and semi-hidden patch of municipal property next to the playground.

An L-shaped property intended for extending the functional conditions and possibilities of Rib, the place was inaugurated by Ilke Gers’ Fragrant Garden as part of De Fluyt en de Hoi by Paul Elliman in 2019. Gers reworked the land, accentuating it by adding edible and fragrant plants to the existing municipal mix. During 2019 Eleonore Pano-Zavaroni’s endless bench was used in Rib to support the incoming letters of intense intentions for Afspraak, also part of De Fluyt en de Hoi, which afterwards was moved to the garden at the end of 2019. The bench has since been torn apart, and some plants have been removed by unknown forces. It is a dynamic place, collecting a lot of secrets. Currently, the space is an outdoor bedroom, a wet mattress and some totemic decoration in the outer corner testify to that. A rabbit cage moving periodically a meter at a time to the right, a broken CD player, a bag full of baby clothes in a large Dirk bag, annotate the place.

Bergur Anderson is an artist and musician from Reykjavík. His work illustrates fictional worlds and personas through song, speech, ceramics, illustration, and live performance.

Linus Bonduelle is an artist working mostly in sculpture, sound and text. He’s interested in uncovering and skewing the poetics of the ordinary, focussing mostly on everyday objects. Currently he’s finishing an MFA at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam.

Gilbert van Drunen, in the artist's own words:

"As a verb, when it is in progress.
Write without writing or re-.
As a chicken headless, no idea, at most one to destroy it, because actually, deep down, I don't want a clue at all.

Because I breathe, in, out, forget and remember.
Find and lose.
Trust just as much as I distrust, to let everything stand still in between, like Tika in TiTaTovenaar.
Broken ain’t broken if you like to breathe."

In the artist’s own words: “I, Tisa Neža Herlec, work with my voice, sound-making devices, materials, and meaning - performing, writing, collaborating, communicating, composing and contemplating. Through sensoric hallucinations and haptic experiences, I attempt to outline glimpses of the truth, engaging in practices of flow, sensibility, and improvisation. I am currently finishing my master studies of Experimental Publishing at Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.”

Lili Huston-Herterich is an American-Canadian artist working in sculpture, photography, sound, video, and sometimes performance. Her practice is radically dependent and informed by feminist research practices. She aims to trace the ideas, people, materials, methods, history, and inheritance her work emerges from. She also runs the project space Available & The Rat from her apartment in Rotterdam.

Ash Kilmartin is an artist from Aotearoa New Zealand who makes sculpture, sound, performance, books, mistakes, gifts. She’s interested in what the speaking voice does or means, or what it means to do. She lives in Rotterdam and runs a shop called LIFE.

Emmeli Person is an artist working within the framework of curatorial and critical learning practices. As an artist, her work extends itself within the expanded field of new materialistic thinking and embraces a phenomenological approach to the objects we sometimes call art. From 2020-22 she is a participant of the Critical Theory and Art Praxes program at the Dutch Art Institute.