Rib Unresolved Issues


Launched in 2018, Rib Unresolved Issues is an online publication of mostly but not only textbased perpetually unfinished reflections and conversations on Rib’s activities including interviews essays and poetry. This format overtly approaches writing on art as a form of propaganda and persuasion thus treating it here as a theatrical and literary form. An open ended self-case-studying as a form of diagnostic production. The texts are mostly part of a chain reaction of comissioned writing progressively dilluting the editorial and material reference that is Rib.

The first text in this chain, is by Jack Segbars. The initial draft of his text was completed before the program of 2019 took off, hence it does not include any examples from our program post 2018. The reaction to this text is by Vlidi Vladimir Jerić, followed by Mohammad Salemy and others, who will be announced later.