Launched in 2018, Rib Unresolved Issues is an online publication of mostly but not only text-based reflections and conversations on Rib’s artistic and institutional trajectory. The texts are mostly part of a chain reaction of commissioned writing using Rib as a model and point of departure for thinking about the future of art production and organisation.

The first text in this chain, is by Jack Segbars. The initial draft of his text was completed before the program of 2019 took off, hence it does not include any examples from our program post 2018. The reaction to this text is by Vlidi Vladimir Jerić, followed by Mohammad Salemy and others, who will be announced later.

Biographies participants

Mohammad Salemy is an independent Berlin-based artist, critic and curator from Canada. He holds a BFA from Emily Carr University and an MA in Critical Curatorial Studies from the University of British Columbia. He has shown his works in Ashkal Alwan’s Home Works 7 (Beirut, 2015) Witte de With (Rotterdam, 2015) and Robot Love (Eindhoven, 2018). His writings have been published in e-flux, Flash Art, Third Rail, Brooklyn Rail, Ocula, Arts of the Working Class and Spike. Salemy’s curatorial experiment For Machine Use Only was included in the 11th edition of Gwangju Biennale (2016). Together with a changing cast he forms the artist collective Alphabet Collection. Salemy is the Organizer at The New Centre for Research & Practice.

Jack Segbars is an artist and writer. He is a PhD-researcher at PhDArts (Leiden University/KABK The Hague). He is primarily engaged with the infrastructural set-up that frames art’s emergence. To this end Segbars investigates within his practice the different positions and aspects that formally shape art: autonomous art, the role of language/art discourse, the role of the curator and the heteronomy set by governance and politics. The focus especially lies on how cognitive capitalism sets the conditions of production. In 2009 he produced the publication All Around the Periphery (Onomatopee). In 2012 it was followed by Inertia (Onomatopee), a travelogue of visits to Palestine. In 2016 a research on the Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art Switzerland was presented at Tale of a Tub Rotterdam. Next to his practice as visual artist, Segbars regularly writes about art and art-related subjects including for Metropolis M, Parse and Open!.

Vladimir Jerić Vlidi is a media researcher, editor and author associated with various different groups, collectives and organizations from the field of art, media, social activism and technology. He was a founder and a member of Prelom Kolektiv, TEDx Belgrade, Darkwood Dub, Druga Scena,, Creative Commons Serbia and other initiatives. A member of the editorial board of Red Thread Journal for social theory (Istanbul), web editor for Reconstruction Women’s Fund (Belgrade) and the author of a number of independent projects, Vlidi holds MA in Communicology from the Faculty of Media and Communication, Belgrade. The recent activities by Vlidi include the “Production of Space” introductory text and video essay for Der fahrende Raum (Munich 2018/19), the collaboration on the MixTape with Vesna Pavlović (Belgrade/Nashville 2018/19), coproducing and taking part in the symposium Art in DataSpace (Venice 2019, collaboration with Georg Schollhammer and Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein), and producing the video essay for the conference in Bucharest Upon All Us Equally (in collaboration with Find more about his work at