Margin of Counterfeit
Marta Hryniuk, Adrian Kolarczyk, Anna & Maciej Łuczak, Wojciech Szustak, Piotr Urbaniec, Reinier Vrancken, Reginald Somai 

09.02.2019, 18:30

Rib welcomes Magdalena Adameczek as she presents the results of her curatorial internship under guidance of Rib’s Director Maziar Afrassiabi. Her curatorial project focused on the phenomenon of counterfeit in visual and audial areas within the local Polish community. These elements are rooted with such force in their users’ subconscious that they are felt as their own false familiarity and bring attention to the point where the border between truth and falsehood is blurred. As a result of a few months long collaboration with invited artists, emerge a publication and exhibition that circles around the idea of the semi-legal artifacts.

The title of the exhibition “Margin Of Counterfeit” refers to the difference between the original, the counterfeit and the derivative. One must think of margin of error; when does the original ends when it is faced with the counterfeit and vice versa, and where does this margin end with a derivative. This margin is what defines each of these and what allows us to differentiate them. Casus when something ceases to be a fake and becomes something based on the original. The spectators are introduced to an area influenced by numerous themes accumulated in the exhibited objects.

The exhibition and publication include the works of Marta Hryniuk, Adrian Kolarczyk, Anna & Maciej Łuczak, Wojciech Szustak, Piotr Urbaniec and Reinier Vrancken. Publication design by Reginald Somai

Presentation and book launch
Saturday 18:30–22:30


The exhibition is open on Sunday by appointment.

Magdalena Adameczek (1993, PL) graduated from art history at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and Curatorial and Art Theory Studies at the University of the Arts in Poznań. This year, together with Ola Polerowicz and Tomek Pawłowski she co-curates the Sandra gallery. She collaborated on Sharon Lockhart’s presentation at the Polish Pavilion at the 57th Venice Art Biennale (2018) and in the framework of other programmes, such as A-I-R Re-Directing: East Curatorial Residency in U-jazdowski Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Warsaw. She obtained a scholarship in Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina, Kosovo.

Marta Hryniuk
(1991, PL). Lives and works in Rotterdam. Graduated from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, the University of Arts in Poznań and the Academy of Arts in Szczecin. Together with Anna Łuczak, Nick Thomas, Sophie Bates and Erika Roux she is running Wet – a production and distribution cooperative for film, video and artists’ moving image. Between 2011 and 2017 she has co-run the nomadic artist-curator collective Silverado. She has had solo and group exhibitions at U-jazdowski Castle Warsaw; 48th Berlinale Forum Expanded; Gdańska Galeria Miejska; :SKALA (Poznań); Museum of Contemporary Art (Krakow); National Museum Szczecin; W139, (Amsterdam). Holder of the Van Beek Donner Stichting scholarship (2018) and Young Poland scholarship (2017), as well as of one from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2015).

Anna Łuczak
(1984, PL) lives and works in Rotterdam. Graduated from Piet Zwart Institute. Participant at Jan van Eyck Academy (2017–18). She works with video in combination with spatial elements. Since September 2018, together with Angelica Falkeling, she’s running Emotional Channel – a platform for fashion and lifestyle. Together with Marta Hryniuk, Nick Thomas, Sophie Bates and Erika Roux she is running Wet– a production and distribution cooperative for film, video and artists’ moving image. She has shown her works during group and solo exhibitions at U-jazdowski Castle Warsaw, TENT (Rotterdam); Lokal_30 (Warsaw); W139 (Amsterdam), GHOST (Rotterdam); Roll on Roll On Phenomena (Until You Are No More) Jan van Eyck Academy (Maastricht); Guest Rooms (Amsterdam).

Maciej Łuczak
(1981) lives and works in Łódż, Poland. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts In Łódź. He is working with the medium of painting, combining figuration and abstraction. Since 2014, together with Katarzyna Stańczak he is running Pracownia Portretu – the space for contemporary art located in the former housing complex of textile workers in Lodz.

Adrian Kolarczyk (1990, PL) lives and works in Skawina, Poland. A Film studies graduate from Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Currently studying Intermedia at the University of the Arts in Poznań. Winner of the Obraz Miejski [Urban Image] competition, Talenty Trójki [Trójka’s Talents] in the Visual Arts category, finalist of the Młode Wilki 14 [Young Wolves 14] competition of the Academy of Arts in Szczecin. Received the scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. He has shown his works at MoMA (Warsaw); Museum of Contemporary Art (Krakow); 9/10, :SKALA, Arsenal Gallery (Poznan); and Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kiev).

Wojtek Szustak
(1989, PL) is an intermedia artist and musician currently based in Rotterdam. Graduated from Intermedia Department of Academy Of Fine Arts in Krakow. In his works he focuses on interferences of arts, music, technology and life itself. Since 2010, he has been present in Krakow own electronic and DIY music scene. Co-founder of a gallery Elementarz Dla Mieszkańców Miast (A Primer For The City Dwellers). In Rotterdam, bound together with Worm Sound Studio and Media Archive, created several works presenting broad contents of this very archive during Explore The North Festival in Leeuwarden or Gogbot in Enschede. Previously colaborated with Varia (Rotterdam) on the project related to recycled electronic waste in production of musical instruments.

Piotr Urbaniec
(1992, PL). Artist practitioner, he makes art almost from nothing, experimenting with different ephemeral mediums and materials, considering himself as a lost relative of Richard Long. Currently lives and works in Amsterdam as a participant in De Ateliers program. Graduated from the Miroslaw Balka’s Studio of Spatial Activities in Warsaw, in 2018 a participant of Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. A resident at Residency Unlimited in New York (2016) and at Akrai Residency in Sicily (2018). Winner of Hestia Artistic Journey competition (2016), Grand Prix of Young Wolfs (Mlode Wilki) competition (2014), First prize of In Out Video Art Festival (2016). In 2016 he made his first solo exhibition at the U-jazdowski Castle Warsaw, group shows in Poland including MoMA Warsaw, Krolikarnia National Gallery of Art in Warsaw, Center of Contemporary Art Laznia in Gdansk, BWA Katowice, BWA Tarnow, WRO Art Center, Dawid Radziszewski Gallery. His works were part of Moscow International Biennale for Young Art 2018, Yixian International Photography Festival 2017 (China), Rencontres Internationales in Paris and Berlin.

Reinier Vrancken
(1992, NL) lives and works in Rotterdam. He is interested in meaning’s suppleness and how meaning can sometimes be shared by two separate things. Whenever this occurs Vrancken sees this as a chance to open up an associative proces in seeing and thinking. He presents his ambiguous works, gestures, actions, objects, texts, images and interventions in subtle ways that can be easily overlooked by the less attentive viewer. His solo exhibition An owl is an owl, and a swan is a swan, but a crow is only partially crow and partially the sound a rooster makes took place at KOMPLOT (Brussel) in 2018 and he took part in group exhibitions in Garage (Rotterdam) in 2018, Museum van Bommel van Dam (Venlo) in 2017, Marres, Huis voor Hedendaagse Cultuur (Maastricht) in 2016, among others.