FOOD I: A girl, a sacrifice, and a wedding
Performance by Ines Borovac

02.12.2023, 19:00

Ines Borovac Photo Esther van der Heijden Ines Borovac Photo Esther van der Heijden
Why Won’t You Marry Me? Performance by Ines Borovac as part of the Kamen art residency (BIH). Photo: Esther van der Heijden

Every good story starts with a sacrifice and so does this project. Continuing her ongoing investigation of Balkan wedding rituals in the context of contemporary dating, Ines Borovac invites you to a wedding dinner on 2 December. Borovac will harvest, sacrifice, cook, and serve during a performative evening, in which the audience will be consuming and digesting as the final stage of the ritual.

This evening is part of two events at Rib expanding on the work of Yuki Okumura that we showed in earlier parts of The Last Terminal, and reflecting on the legacy of FOOD, an artist-led restaurant and space run by Carol Goodden, Tina Girouard, and Gordon Matta-Clark in New York in the 70s.

This project is partly funded by CBK Rotterdam and will be the artist’s kick-off into a new trajectory in her work.