04.11.2023, 20:00

Hernster Kaatje Ziet sq Hernster Kaatje Ziet sq
Hernster. Photo: Kaatje Ziet

Join us for a night of debauchery and spectacle with genre perverting duo Hernster on Saturday, 4 November, 20:00 at Rib.

Inspired by rap, punk, noise and free jazz, Hernster is the experimental project of Amsterdam-based duo Ron Groen and Sjon Harmans. Their music explores the boundaries of genres, choosing to invert the writing process with perversion and jest. Their new album Tennis immortalises the life, death, and resurrection of Ronny Bleeno, the eponymous figure of Hernster history.

Ron and Sjon bring their challenger energy to Rib, with theatrics and antics to excite and ‘shock’ their audience. Hold tight for the Hernsters of the night!