Artist Talk
with Chris Cyrille

26.01.2024, 20:00

Chris Cyrille Melly Chris Cyrille Melly
Chris Cyrille and Kelly Sinnapah Mary at Melly. Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

Rib is inviting Chris Cyrille to tell the story of his project Mangrovité. The poet, writer, and exhibition storyteller will share insights into his book and practice. He is working on a new understanding of archives from orality and the Antillean context. The presentation will be followed by a collective discussion.

“If exhibiting, as we suggest, is the telling while showing and connecting, showing and feeling while telling, one cannot exhibit innocently. Every ex-hibition, every ex-position, presents, makes present, presentifies and, in doing this, renders visible and comprehensible (it guillotines time) what was bubbling within the matter of the unexhibited, the unexposed. […] We have thus tried to shift away from judgment to the relation, from explanation to telling by considering the xhiplosion (the “e” is hidden behind the “x”) as an undefined spacetime to be told-narrated, and not explained.”