Twa Twa, Picolet, Rowtie, Gelebek
Suniel Chedie

A Presentation


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Suniel Chedie.

Specialised in breeding the Twa Twa songbird, Dutch songbird champion and member of several important Surinam songbird associations in the Netherlands, Suniel Chedie will give us insight into Surinam songbirds, their origin and evolution and an insider look into the history and current practices of Surinam songbird competitions in the Netherlands and beyond.

Depending on the region where they originate, all songbirds have their own beat (song), also called “boesh” beat. A boesh beat is often a long tune. What makes these birds so special is the fact that not only does each bird have its own unique song, but one can also teach these birds an entirely new song, depending on the species and type. The learned tune types are for the Twa Twa: Ring-stroke and Kiauw-stroke (kiauw-stroke is the elite stroke and the most difficult), for the Picolet: Pije-Pije, for the Rowties: Weed-Weed, and for the Gelebek: Swaay-Swaay.

Suniel Chedie is specialised in Twa Twa breeding and learned song type “kiauw”. He actively participates in competitions since 1995. In 1996 he was the EuroMast champion Rotterdam for the first time with a breed named “Gorbatchov”. Between 2002 and 2016 he was champion and/or semi-champion at the RingMasters Bird Club Amsterdam and Dutch Champion in 2011 and 2012 in the Twa Twa-category. Chedie holds several managerial and advisory functions at various Surinamese songbird associations.