Ghost Stories of the British Museum

December 2016 —
December 2017
Francis Gooding & Noah Angell

Ghost Stories of the British Museum is an evolving yearlong exhibition by Noah Angell and Francis Gooding at Rib.

The material which forms the basis for this exhibition is a collection of stories gathered from current and former employees of the British Museum. These stories document a rich oral tradition of unquiet objects and inexplicable occurrences that have long circulated privately among staff.

The incoming material of this investigation will be featured in an installation at Rib. This material includes mappings of incidents, interview excerpts and recordings of the museum’s acoustic spaces—the British Museum’s spectral presence transposed onto a newly established art space. As new material comes in, it will be added to the installation and these additions will be mirrored online. At the conclusion of this period the material will be collated into a book.

Angell and Gooding will be present for the launch of the exhibition on the 3rd of December. In conversation with director Maziar Afrassiabi, they will tell some of the stories they have gathered and discuss the implications the project holds for thinking about the museum as a site of conflict, residual trauma, and recalcitrant objects which protest their own conditions of display.

Ghost Stories of the British Museum is a long-term project whose cumulative outcome is coextensive with the rest of Rib’s program.

Supported by Gemeente Rotterdam and MYA Culture Funds.

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