18 September —
30 December 2016
Alexander Lieck & Olivier Foulon

The exhibition Cafard at Rib is the result of a year long collaboration between artists Alexander Lieck and Olivier Foulon. Using ‘leftovers’ from their studios as the basis of their conversation, the artists have jointly produced 6 double sided prints, foldable into a newspapers format, which follow no specific narrative except the one found in the title: Cafard.

The origin of the term can be found in Baudelaire’s “Les Fleurs du mal” from 1857. ‘Le cafard’ came to mean an extreme depression or sense of pointlessness. However the artists never confirmed this reference.

Bar Vulkan, a feminist collective from Berlin, have constructed a midnight tipi of branches inside which they were sitting during the opening with friends, visitors, spectators, viewers, drinking vodka in circles, in turns.

Supported by Gemeente Rotterdam and MYA Culture Funds

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